In today’s time, technology is continuously evolving & user experience is getting enhanced day by day. The AI market is estimated to reach US $126 billion by 2025. Hence, keeping up pace with trends and surging demands in this technology, small enterprises to big brands in the industry are taking benefit of AI Chatbot apps to enhance customer experience.

As businesses are depending on mobile app footprints, competition is cut-throat to remain visible in the app marketplace. Effortless and smooth user experience will be the key to success for most of the apps to stand out in the market for this organization around the globe has started using innovative technologies and ways to make them more accessible to their end users. When discussing the app industry, the AI-powered chatbot-driven transformation is evident as the industry is continuously growing. These days, AI-powered chatbot apps are in various verticals. Not only this, but AI is continuously surface the way for various innovative features in the app. 

So let’s have a quick glance at how AI and chatbots are transforming AI-powered mobile app technology but before this, let’s understand what AI and chatbots are all about. 

What is artificial intelligence? 

AI has been growing & is conditioned to interpret information as human beings do. It interprets human action, decisions and develops responses accordingly. AI also exhibits functions like humans do such as planning, problem-solving etc, and is used in smart devices like Alexa. 

What is a chatbot? 

A chatbot is also one of the features of AI & uses machine learning to solve customer queries. There are different types of AI-powered chatbots in industries like e-commerce, grocery and healthcare. But nowadays they are also getting integrated into websites too on a large scale because of the features it has to solve the customer queries effectively. 

  • AI-powered chatbots are becoming the most prominent feature in smartphones, apps and even in websites too.  
  • According to Gartner, the coming year will record a maximum number of digital workers using virtual assistants and chatbots. This will make a huge impact on mobile app technology and user experience. 
  • Most organisations are now planning to introduce AI-powered chatbots because they can handle a large number of customer queries much faster and efficiently.

How are AI and Chatbot transforming Mobile technology? 

Research and development around AI-powered chatbots in mobile and related technologies continue to happen at the full pace today, and this may pave the way for enhanced services in the future. 

So here we are discussing how AI and Chatbots weaved together are transforming mobile technology for good. 

Enhanced User Experience 

Considering the fact that 95% of app users judge the app on their very first impression. So to engage your customers you need AI powered chatbot apart from dashing UI/UX. With the help of AI-powered chatbots, mobile app users now getting more engaged with apps and services.  

Enhanced personalization experience 

Providing a personalised experience to end users is a top priority for enterprises today, but that priority is now becoming a reality using AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots give utmost importance to need and preferences of their users and comes up with solution accordingly. 

Enhanced security levels 

Security is one of the top concerns in mobile app development industry. Enhancing mobile app security is now possible through AI and chatbots because they are intelligent enough to forecast or predict any potential threat to data much before it happens hence securing users’ data. 

Improved user assistance  

With the help of an AI-powered chatbot, virtually daily life tasks can now be done immediately. Smart devices like Siri and Google assistant are very good examples. Similarly, you can integrate these features to your apps or websites.   

Everything According to you 

AI-powered chatbots will ensure that every problem you or your customer encounter addressed in real time. It works as your music/audio player, and notepad, help you learn in real time and much more. Pop Geo The national geographic chatbot is a prominent example. 

Finally in a nutshell, with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning happening at a rapid pace, AI-powered chatbot apps and websites will remain a highlighted topic for users and developers around the world. With many enhancements and improved security, it promises huge potential in multiple industry verticals. 

Hence, if you feel there is a benefit of using AI-powered chatbots which is pretty much clear I guess, you can contact Big Oh Tech Pvt. Ltd. for your AI-powered chatbot-related need and consultation. We have delivered 100+ projects across the world. So, what you are waiting for? Get your enterprise chatbot apps today to stand out from the crowd and reap the early benefits of AI and chatbots.


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