Outsourcing:Outsourcing is simply designating a particular section of work byone business organizations to another company. Offshore outsourcing refers to the business strategy where a company hires an organization placed in another country for a particular set of tasks.The advent of high speed internet connections has shrunk the world to such an extent that any company or organization can be hired around the globe.

Offshore Outsourcing:It’s a myth that companies opting for offshore outsourcing only want cheaper resource. Many a times, such companies are also looking for the right expertise and in depth industry knowledge as well as relevant experience.

Big Oh Notation is one of the most tried and trusted names in the field of outsourcing. By choosing us, the companies get the advantage of working with the best available resources in the form of the right expertise and experience.
Usually the product or service outsourced does not pertain to an offshore location and is targeted at outsourcer’s country. This business practice has gained huge popularity in the past couple of decades. By assigning work to Big Oh Notation, companies can also stretch themselves and can plan for expansion that can surpass physical boundaries.

Offshore Development Centre

The success of any company largely depends on the kind of outsourcing management firm hired by it. Big Oh Notation is a world-recognized leader as an offshore development centre, which ensures that its clients get world-class services and products.

The offshore development centre of Big Oh Notation is basically a pool of some of the most highly qualified and specially trained experts, along with world-class well-designed infrastructure. The firm has special engineering and programming resources with in-depth knowledge of the industry and practical implementation of the processes.
Big Oh Notation works harmoniously with the mother organizations in such a way that they almost become the virtual extension of the companies. By embracing the services of Big Oh Notation ODC, several companies have benefited endlessly, as they are able to concentrate on their core expertise as well as on expansion plans, once their outsourcing requirements are taken care of by the world leaders.

Offshore Outsourcing

Outsourced Product Development

Big Oh Notation is also a one-stop solution for all kinds of outsourced product development requirements. Not only do they provide products and services in the field of IT and communication, the firm also helps in the generation of new business ideas, which makes their outsourced product development facility one of the most sought-after ones.

With expertise in mobile technologies, software development & cloud computing, Big Oh Notation provides an incubator-like environment for companies to develop and flourish.

Big Oh Notation’s strength lies in its three basic criteria, which are essential for any successful outsourcing company. These criteria are namely speeding, quality and cost. By continually providing extraordinary outsourcing facilities, the firm has honed its skills to such an extent that certain companies depend extensively on our insight and in-depth knowledge to come up with their final product.

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