Staff augmentation

Big Oh Notation serves all your staff augmentation requirements that can help you to increase performance and effectiveness and can reduce your hiring cost and extra expenses that are incurred in training and hiring staff repeatedly.

Need for Staff Augmentation Services: Staff Augmentation services are chosen to improve the current workforce in an organization or to hire additional staffs that are filled with a certain set of skills that can help in the timely and effective completion of the projects. There are abundant resources in IT Augmentation and so there is a need for these augmentation services.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

  • Reduces Staffing Cost
  • Reduces Staffing time
  • Finds right resource

Big Oh Notation and Staff Augmentation services-Big Oh Notation offers staffing services in four different ways RPO, Direct Hiring, Contract Staffing & Vendor Management Services.

Why Big Oh Notation for Staff Augmentation Services?

  1. We research to analyze the client’s requirement by maintaining close coordination to understand the set of skills needed for the accomplishment of a current or a future project.
  2. We shortlist staff as per the key responsibility areas and acquaint them with the organization’s goals and projects.
  3. Our services are offered over multiple IT verticals as we hire dedicated developers, hire mobile app developer, blackberry app developers, windows phone developers and a dedicated outsourcing team.
  4. The staff hired are experienced individuals whose candidatures are presented after a keen shortlisting process passing rounds of the internal interview process.

With our team of experts following a step-by-step approach to meet the desired results we are catering to international clients worldwide successfully for the last 2 years. We serve as a talent pool filled with knowledge and experience, offering an unbiased and focused workforce and skilled staff to meet customer satisfaction that also in a fixed time frame.

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